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Project Description

Developing the right image

Imanova is an alliance between the Medical Research Council and three leading scientific institutions – Imperial College, Kings College and University College, London.

A brand identity that emphasised the alliance’s breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise to drive research and innovation in imaging sciences was required.

When creating the new brand and proposition for this ground breaking and innovative collaboration, we chose to focus on the organisation’s elite method of technology – beams of light sent simultaneously from all angles within a circular instrument. Our brand mark, a circular device created from a relevant colour palette, was carefully considered and crafted to represent this technology. It resulted in an identity that has impact, clarity and presence which won the approval of four demanding stakeholders who embraced the new identity confidently and enthusiastically.

Imanova GSTS Viapath Guys and St Thomas' Kings College London Print Brochure
Imanova Employee Handbook Internal Communications Print
Imanova Data Sheets ViaPath GSTS
Imanova GSTS viapath One Year Birthday