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Project Description

An exact science

GSTS Pathology was a joint venture, the first of its kind in the NHS, between Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Serco, the international services organisation.

A brand identity was required for the joint venture reflecting the heritage of both parties, the audacious and innovative nature of the collaboration, and its philosophy of encouraging a new working culture of science and service in harmony.

Following a strategic workshop, the name GSTS was agreed, an acronym of Guy’s and St Thomas’ and Serco. For the branding, we wanted to help shift internal and external perceptions of pathology in patient care away from being purely scientific. So we focused on how, behind the science, pathology also addresses patients’ needs and concerns, and tackles uncertainty among practitioners. Our brand mark reflects this, using three key reference points – science, service and people – to help differentiate GSTS from its competitors.

The identity helped establish the new brand with the clear market leader advantage it desired.

GSTS Alex Rattray Rare Breed