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Project Description

Keeping ahead of a changing world

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is the world’s largest independent professional body supporting insurance and financial services practitioners. Through its Royal Charter, it provides training, accreditation and professional qualifications to individuals and firms as well as guiding consumers through the complications of insurance.

To be effective as a professional body serving such a wide range of practitioner and consumer interests, the CII required a standalone consumer-facing ‘brand personality’.

We developed Insurance Made Simple, a brand that gives customers easy access to trusted, straightforward information and advice on insurance matters. We created a ‘face’ for the campaign, Ciindy. She’s intelligent and professional, and knows insurance inside out. We developed the website, where the public can ask Ciindy for advice on insurance and can download in excess of 30 Insurance Made Simple guides. For those wanting a service on the move we developed the Ask Ciindy app. We created and implemented a launch campaign including handing out leaflets at London termini, airport terminal advertising and social media.

The coverage was seen 230 million times, equivalent to each UK adult seeing it four times a month. The campaign won numerous awards including: Transform Awards Europe, Insurance Marketing and PR Awards, and the Insurance Times Award.

Ask Ciindy CII
Ask Ciindy CII App
Ask Ciindy Quote Rare Breed
Ask Ciindy Guides CII
Ask Ciindy Airport CII Insurance
Transform Awards 2016
Insurance Marketing and PR Awards 2016
Insurance Times Awards 2016
CorpComms Awards 2016
Money Age Awards